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Using text messaging in the construction industry

A series of posts on communication and emergency management in the construction sector: part 1

More and more businesses in the construction industry are using text messaging for the following:


Health & Safety Managers, Project Managers or Site Supervisors use mass or group text messaging in addition to their standard practices of toolbox meetings, inductions, signs and notices, to remind staff of the main dangers onsite. Whereas something that people are told in a meeting can be forgotten or lost track of, staff can easily pull up a text message to review the safety update. SMS alerts also provide an auditable trail of onsite health and safety procedures.


In the case of an emergency, communication needs to be immediate and reach everyone. With mass text messaging, everyone on a crew, large or small, can be notified instantly with a single text message. Examples include:

  • Accidents - including burns, slips, falls, and overexertion

  • Disasters - such as explosions, chemical spills, electrical issues, fires, and structural failures

  • Inclement weather alerts - such as heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and strong winds

  • Health and safety hazards - including airborne and material exposures and loud noise levels.


Public safety and stakeholder relationships can also be enhanced with text messaging for local resident groups, for instance when construction projects impact roadways.

Updates & Events

Be they work related or social, you can easily keep staff updated with the latest information. ‘No access to laydown area 7am-10am’ or ‘BBQ at 2’ can quickly and easily be communicated to the relevant crews or teams. Construction companies use text alerts to share information about:

  • Schedule changes

  • Current priorities

  • Delays

  • Site closures

  • Material shortages

  • Planned inspections


Reminders to attend or links to records post-meeting can be sent straight into the pocket of the right people at the right time.

Contests & Encouragement

Make everyone feel part of the team with a quick congratulations on achieving a milestone ahead of programme, or update everyone that the welding team are currently winning the smoko darts competition. Text communication builds camaraderie and makes everyone feel included, not just the people who have access to emails.

Make your construction site safer and more organized with mass text alerts.

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