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Marinas: who to communicate with in an emergency

A series of posts on communication and emergency management in the marine sector: part 3

Who should I include in my communication management system in addition to my staff?


Perhaps the most obvious distinguishing factor in marina and boatyard management is the presence, sometimes in quite large numbers, of members of the public who are either your clients or visiting the marina as an attraction. When these people are on your premises (which may well include the water space under your control) you owe them a duty of care.

Also many of your clients will want to carry out repairs or improvements to their boats and they may wish to engage their own contractors (or their friends) to carry out the work.

Your contractors

Marinas use contractors for a wide range of construction, maintenance and operational tasks. Many of these contractors will not be familiar either with marinas in general, or the peculiarities of a particular marina. The marina manager has particular duties and responsibilities in the selection and management of contractors.

Shared premises

It is common for marinas and boatyards to share their premises with other businesses that often provide associated services such as workshop facilities, catering and retail. These businesses naturally have their own duties and responsibilities for health and safety, but need to be easily contacted in the event of an emergency.

Group management

Use Beep to set up groups for each target audience – and users authorised to communicate with each group. For example, your Operations and Health & Safety Managers can send a text alert to all, whilst your HR Manager can send text messages to your staff only.

Visitors to site who sign in can provide their mobile phone number and easily be added to the Beep database.

Contact Beep for an online demo.


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