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Training provider caters for clients who prefer text messaging

Moving Mountains leads the way with next level client communications

Moving Mountains provides training to support Māori and Pacifika people into employment across the Bay of Plenty and Waikato. The organisation offers CV and employment preparation courses, driving license and endorsement training, and certification programmes such as SiteSafe. With text messaging proving to be the most effective channel of communication for their client base, Moving Mountains have introduced Beep’s sister communication platform, School-links, designed for the educations sector, to ensure that the message gets through.

Moving Mountains was allocated Capability and Resilience funding, released to ensure that organisations could continue to deliver necessary services as part of New Zealand’s COVID19 response and recovery. Moving Mountains wanted to develop stronger IT infrastructure to improve record keeping and communication with clients. They set up a school management system that suited their training provider delivery model, but one important feature was missing.

Manager and Director Nouha Tavita explains, “We needed to be able to send text messages. Some of our clients don’t have iPads or computers but they all have smart phones.” Nouha was put in touch with Beep’s sister comms tool School-links, which like Beep offers texting capabilities, “They were wonderful to deal with and Kim set me up in no time.”

Nouha now uses the texting tool as her go-to communication platform, “Before we would be setting up email and text groups manually but that leaves you open to data entry errors. Now data in our student management system automatically syncs and I can go to one screen and send both emails and texts. It makes life easy.”

As well as administrative communications such as enrolment information, Moving Mountains uses text messaging to send out teaching and learning activities, “We set activities up using SurveyMonkey and send out the links via text. We get a far better response rate than via email because so many more of our clients have phones than computers.”

Beep’s sister communication software School-links has also proven itself during the COVID19 level changes as courses have been cancelled and postponed, “I appreciate having easy to access to an audit trail and that the communication software supports two-way messaging. We are always happy to hear back from our clients.”


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