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Marina management: upgrade your communication system and adopt text messaging

A series of posts on communication and emergency management in the marine sector: part 1

Marinas and boatyards present a particularly challenging and complex environment for putting in place safety management arrangements which fulfil legal, moral and business needs without being unduly complicated, restrictive to marina users’ activities or expensive.

Whilst there are some things that the law requires you to do (such as having a safety policy, or putting up the health and safety notice), the adequacy of what you do to satisfy most health and safety law will be subject to a test of ‘reasonableness’. Your safety management arrangements will include risk assessments which identify foreseeable risks and how you propose to control them. It is likely that you will have operating instructions which sets down the details of what you will do. It is important that these are kept up to date as circumstances and conditions change.

Technology is constantly advancing, and health and safety and emergency management communications have seen huge advances over the last decade. Is it time to ask yourself if your communication / emergency alert system is as effective as it could be?

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