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Integrating Beep into your Workplace: Practice makes Perfect

If your company does not already use a mass alert system, it is simple to integrate mass communication capabilities into your emergency management plan with Beep. You do not have to scrap your entire emergency management plan, only modify it to include these more modern communication capabilities – and then practice makes perfect.

1) Simple set up: the Beep team will seamlessly upload and update your existing contact in the Beep platform.

2) Practice: the emergency alert system can be used as part of a drill. Notify employees via text and email and even social media if you wish, that a “test” is going to be activated.

3) Activate the “test”: send a communication via text, and optionally via email and social media. Have them respond back with a simple yes to the question: “Are you okay?” Check your broadcast reports to see how many have responded and follow up with those who haven’t, as you would in a real emergency.

4) Seek employee feedback: use Beep’s two-way messaging capabilities. The most prepared organizations are those who learn and take those lessons to improve.

5) Practice drills regularly: even with the best and most modern emergency plan in place, it can only be successful if the employees understand the plan and know how to respond when the plan is activated. Change up your drills to include all the risks you identified when you designed your plan. Give your employees peace of mind that they are protected in a fire, flood, power outage, workplace violence event, natural disaster, or any other situation.

6) Make the most of Beep: a mass alert system may be intended to communicate during an emergency, but should also be considered for any mass communication. When an organization needs to send an immediate and important notification to everyone in the organization or just to specified groups of its employees, the alert system can provide the ideal vehicle to get the message across reliably. Train your team leaders so that they can also benefit from Beep.


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