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It's the way it has always been done!

Sometimes we’ve done something for so many years that complacency sets in and it is hard to step away and think how we could do things better. Chances are since you set up your emergency management plan things have changed:

  1. Most workers now have smartphones.

  2. Less people use email.

  3. More people work remotely.

  4. Ubiquitous access to social media can result in mixed messages following a disaster or emergency.

In light of these developments, consider what changes you should make to your emergency management plan. We recommend that you follow this process:

  • Identify the hazards – natural disasters, fire, lockdowns, weather events, pandemics.

  • Identify the hazard controls - work out the best way to manage these hazards to avoid people being confused, or worse, hurt or killed. These are the hazard controls.

  • Factor in today’s communication tools - Think about how you can use text to support your hazard control.

  • Implement the hazard controls - the implementation of the hazard controls is where it counts. Allocating the appropriate resources is where many businesses fail. They find it too daunting or too expensive.

  • Talk to Beep - Beep is neither daunting nor expensive. Our technical team based here in New Zealand can easily set Beep up for you. We can import your contact data, help you define and set up regional groups or teams. And our model is very cost effective. No over kill. Just a simple communication platform that does what it says: reaches the right people – fast.

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