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Take control of emergency situations with Beep4Business

Business Crisis Management Tool

Beep communicates via email, text, data-push and facebook.
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Have you got your staff covered
when the lights go out?

Swift and efficient crisis management is vital for your business's success and the protection of your staff. Beep4Business offers a proven and tested mobile friendly 2-way 'Text Alert System' with an impressive text open rate of 98%

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From natural disasters to supply chain disruptions, we've got your back.

Communicate via text and email, to individuals and groups you select simultaneously. Beep can synchronise with your contact database and delivers real-time reporting.


View the Beep Overview

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Use Beep to manage your day-to-day communications easily and securely.

Why Choose Beep4Business

  • Lightning-Fast Alerts

  • Proven Reliability

  • Diverse Scenarios

Introducing Beep4Business SMS API: Unlock the power of text messaging within your platform or app!

With our innovative Beep4Business SMS API, businesses and organisations can now effortlessly activate text messaging capabilities directly from their existing platform or app. Seamlessly integrate Beep4Business into your workflow and revolutionise the way you communicate with your staff and members.


Whether you’re sending important updates, time-sensitive notifications, or emergency alerts, our API empowers you to connect with your audience like never before.


No more toggling between multiple platforms or dealing with complex integrations. Beep4Business SMS API can seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, allowing you to centralise your communication efforts and streamline your operations.

Beep is fast and easy to use

  1. Log into your own secure online portal

  2. Select your target group(s)

  3. Type your message

  4. Click send

   Beep enables

  • Two-way messaging

  • Option to send messages via text and email

  • Real time delivery reports

beep 4 business communications
Use beep for day-to-day communications

Example uses

  • Emergencies

  • Health & Safety alerts

  • Information

  • Events

  • Reminders & cancellations

  • Client service notifications

  • Stakeholder management & updates

  • Awareness-raising campaigns

Why Beep?

  • Secure

  • Fast and proven

  • Cost effective

  • Can sync with your own contact database using our SMS API

  • Assign authorised senders to designated groups

  • Provides an audit trail

  • Locally supported

  • Proven – we have been sending texts in New Zealand since 2006

beep reporting. Real time information

Beep is designed for a variety of sectors including businesses, corporates, national and local government, healthcare, education, businesses, not for profits, charities, sport and social clubs, social enterprise, construction, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, food services and more.

How Beep works for our customers

Darren Booth CEO

Chirp Business Telecommunications

For more information about Beep email us or call us on 0800 333 480

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