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Following through on Health & Safety initiatives

Health & Safety consultants advocate that you don’t just throw a new health and safety initiative out there and expect it to become entrenched. Three ways Beep can help leaders ensure that your health and safety initiatives hit home are:

  1. Follow through: if the company introduces a new health and safety initiative, follow through with a targeted campaign e.g. you want everyone who works in a certain area to wear ear protectors – send a text reminder on a Monday five minutes before they all clock on.

  2. Resource the initiative: resourcing means different things to different workers and different businesses but essentially the tools need to be up to the job. And that includes communication. Check that you are reaching everyone – email and text out a quick survey to ask what their preferred method of communication is.

  3. Listen to and respect workers’ views: ask for their thoughts and views using an array of media including email and text. Some people find it very difficult to speak up in meetings but will respond to text or email. But you must intend to listen and accept what they have to say. Asking for the thoughts, feelings and opinions of workers is a great way to engage with them however this can backfire if you dismiss them or take no action.


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