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Emergency Alert Platform vs a Health and Safety App: compare apples with apples

We often get asked what is the difference between Beep and a Health & Safety App?

Beep is an emergency alert platform. It allows rapid communication in an emergency situation.

Health & safety apps are designed to be used to manage health and safety compliance on-site.

The key differences between Beep and a health & safety app that impact emergency management are:

  • You do not need to download an app for Beep meaning ALL staff will receive the emergency alerts. A health & safety app requires every worker/staff member to have downloaded the app to receive notifications. Administrative staff for example often do not use a health and safety compliance app and will be ‘out of the loop’.

  • Beep alerts go directly to every staff members’ smartphone via text. Sometimes workers have the company health and safety app set up on an in-vehicle device or a rugged iPad etc., rather than on their smartphone, meaning that they may miss the alert.

  • The majority of people check text messages within seconds of them arriving on their phone, whereas in-app notifications do not have the same sense of immediacy.

  • Beep is designed as a multi-channel communication platform so can also simultaneously send alerts to social media and email, covering more bases in the event of an emergency than a health and safety app.

It is important to conduct a ‘self-study’ of your business or organization to determine your specific needs. Then compare apples with apples, emergency alert systems with emergency alert systems, not health and safety management apps!


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