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Beep to ensure staff well-being

After a disaster or crisis situation, your first response will be to consider the emotional and physical well-being of your staff. Beep can play an integral part in this process.

  • For an immediate and simple check-in request a ‘Y’ response to the question “Are you safe? Reply Y or N. We will be in touch with more information shortly.” The numbers of the ‘N’ responses can be immediately passed on to emergency services, as well as the people who fail to respond at all.

  • Simultaneously message all staff via text, email and Facebook to update them as to the situation and to share next steps, such as directing them to meeting places where they can gather together, or encouraging them to go home to check on family, as appropriate.

  • Stay connected with staff in the aftermath and involve them in the organisation’s recovery. Use Beep consistently to share relevant and critical information, invite them to meetings, encourage them to make suggestions, and direct them to financial or psychological support.

  • Assign authorised senders to different groups to retain a sense of camaraderie and togetherness between team managers and their staff and to facilitate different working groups.

Connection is critical in a crisis, both in terms of health and safety, but also well-being. Having the power to reach the right people fast can make all the difference to your employees as they navigate the aftermath of a significant hazard.


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