Beep partnershipp opportunity. Up your corporate citizenship and open untapped marketing channels.

Partnership opportunity with Beep

Up your corporate citizenship and open untapped marketing channels

Up your corporate sponsorship ​- by gifting charities, community organisations and your business clients with Beep™. Present them with a multi-channel communication platform that easily and cost affordably delivers text, email, and Facebook alerts to their clients.

And at the same time:

Open untapped marketing channels - every Beep communication shared by your community and business partners will feature your branding and links to your promotional landing pages.

How does it work?


Your chosen charities, community organisations and business clients have the option to use the Beep communication platform.


We’ll add your branding and your website links to your partners’ communications.

E newsletters

Beep partnership e newsletter

Your company banner ad here linking to your site.

Beep advertising opportunities

Text Messages featuring links to your site

On each individual Beep communication portal

Beep advertising with exceptional reach


You can quickly, easily and cost-effectively get your promotions out into the heart of the community. Watch the hits to your landing pages rocket.