Your own multi-channel communication platform: text, email, & Facebook.

Connect with your staff and customers using Beep’s low-cost messaging platform.

For small to medium sized businesses.

  • Online communication portal 

  • Branded for your business

  • Seamless multi-channel communication - text, email, and Facebook

  • Target text campaigns to specific groups

  • Features two-way communication

Beep Online communication portal and app

Example uses

  • Emergencies

  • Information

  • Events & reminders

  • Client service notifications

  • Stakeholder management & updates

  • Awareness-raising campaigns

  • Group communications

Easy Set-up & Fast Access

  • Own logo, colours and branding on all out-going communications

  • Sync with your own systems

  • Secure access via your own online communication portal, from any device

  • Assign authorised senders to designated groups

  • Formulate message and with one click send to all communication channels

  • Use our designated emergency text alert channel for critical updates